While drummer John Hofer took some time off in November 2010 to stay at home with his newborn bundle of joy, the remaining Mother Hips booked a handful of acoustic shows in Northern and Southern California. Tim, Greg, and Paul performed songs from almost every Mother Hips record, songs from their respective side-projects, a cover song or two, and two new songs giving us a glimpse at what the forthcoming Hips record was going to sound like. With lyrics and harmonies shining through, these songs take on new meaning than when performed with the loud rock ‘n’ roll tones of the electric Mother Hips show. But what also made these performances so enjoyable was seeing Paul Hoaglin alternate between bass, mandolin, and pedal steel guitar while also contributing to the three-part vocal harmonies. This set was recorded live mostly in Grass Valley, California on November 13th, 2010 except for three tracks which were recorded the night before in Santa Monica. – Dave Schwartz

TIM BLUHM – vocals, acoustic guitar
GREG LOIACONO – vocals, acoustic guitar
PAUL HOAGLIN – bass, pedal steel, mandolin, vocals

All tracks recorded at Grass Valley Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, California on November 13th, 2010 except tracks 3,7,15 Recorded at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California on November 12th, 2010.

Center for the Arts Front of House Engineer – Mikail Graham. Grass Valley Center for the Arts
Recorded by Dave Schwartz
McCabe’s Tracks Recorded by McCabe’s Guitar Shop
Assembled and Mastered by Dave Schwartz
Artwork by Aaron Mort

Produced by Dave Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere

All songs written by Tim Bluhm ©2010 Little Sur (ASCAP) except tracks 4 and 9 written by Greg Loiacono ©2010 Poncen Music (ASCAP), and tracks 3,7,11 written by Tim Bluhm ©2010 Little Sur (ASCAP) / Greg Loiacono ©2010 Poncen Music (ASCAP), Track 8 by Gene Clark ©1969 Rondor Music, and Track 12 written by Marijohn Wilkin / Danny Dill 1959 (traditional).

(Mother Hips Records – 2013)

01 One Way Out
02 Collected Some Nerve
03 Do It On the Strings
04 Young Charles Ives
05 This Dream
06 Protein Sky
07 Later Days
08 Out On the Side
09 All In Favor
10 Sarah Bellum
11 Whiskey On A Southbound
12 Long Black Veil
13 Toughie (Thick ‘n’ Thin)
14 Golden Poppy
15 Time-sick Son of a Grizzly Bear
16 California Way