New Release: The Mother Hips Live At The Great American Music Hall Out Now

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The Mother Hips ‘Live At The Great American Music Hall’ is out now on digital and limited double-CD. “This album consists of recordings of concerts performed on December 15th and 16th, 2017 at San Francisco’s famed Great American Music Hall. We feel this album represents well the band as it was at that time, and that it also represents well the community that has grown around the music contained herein. In that sense these are not recordings of a band playing to a live audience so much as they are recordings of a community coming together and making the sounds of joy, of appreciation, of friendships new and old, and even some sadness. There are lots of others sounds on these recordings too but you’ll have to just listen for yourself. You might even hear your own voice in there. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.” – The Mother Hips

Reserve your CD from the Mother Hips store or the Blue Rose store.

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New Tim Bluhm Single “The Only Solution”

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I wrote this song maybe to comfort myself, to try and make myself feel good about the path I’ve taken in life. It was originally written in 6/8 and I played it like that many times. This version is in 4/4 with the kick drum played on the upbeats which I think gives the lyrics a more positive tone.
Tim Bluhm


Blue Rose Benefit – June 8 at The Fillmore

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Announcing The Hips Duo (Tim Bluhm & Greg Loiacono) will be joining the lineup for The Blue Rose Foundation Benefit at The Fillmore Sat. June 8 including Jackie Greene, Cris Jacobs, McCrary Sisters, & Bailey Ingle.

Hope you can join us as we gather to celebrate and raise funds for a great cause. 100% of ticket sales go to fund preschool scholarships!


“Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)” – New Song from Greg Loiacono

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“This song was inspired by watching my friend Kyle Field (Little Wings) perform an afternoon set at The Hipnic (The Mother Hips and FolkYeah Presents annual festival in Big Sur, California). I was lying on the grass with my family and some friends, staring up at the trees and listening to Kyle’s voice lilt through the leaves. There was no other place to be.

“The song flows in three parts just like a car trip might. The first touches on the excitement of making the journey to your favorite place. The second is being in that place and taking it all in. The third is that drive home which is filled with a tired, beautiful sadness — recalling the fun times you had and wishing they weren’t over while falling asleep off into a dream.” — Greg Loiacono