The Bluegrass Situation: Listen to “Leaving the Valley”

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In Their Words: “In one of our last writing sessions before we started the recording process, I had brought a demo of a soulful, guitar groove to Tim. I kept repeating the phrase while Tim worked towards the main melody on guitar. We decided that it was quite effective when he sang along with the guitar line. The lyrics are about the departure from the womb and the desire to return.” – Greg Loiacono, The Mother Hips


‘When We Disappear’ Out Now!

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Our new record When We Disappear is out today! We recorded at Jojo Manson‘s The Kitchen Sink Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mojo Magazine gives it 4 stars ****

Produced and Mixed by Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono for Blue Rose Music
Danny Eisenberg – piano
Mastered by Anthony Puglisi
Art by Jason Lee Denton

Pick up the vinyl and CD here:


Record Release Shows at Chico Women’s Club

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We can’t wait to get back to Chico for this excellent three night run. We will be celebrating the release of our forthcoming album “When We Disappear” out 1/27 on Blue Rose Music.

Grab your Thursday night tickets while you can!

“Codine” – Live at The Guild Theater – 10/29/22

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Check out “Codine” live at The Guild. Special thanks to Relix for the video.

Listen to the studio version of this song here:

New Single “Room Four”

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We have a new single out! Check out “Room Four” at all digital platforms on Blue Rose Music.

“We were in Big Sur at the Fernwood Resort to perform for our 12th annual Hipnic festival. Greg and I were sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel room in question, playing some guitar. Greg had a riff that was reminiscent of Houses of the Holy-era Led Zeppelin. I had been working with a deceptively difficult Brian Wilson-inspired melody that we managed to fit into the guitar figure with a bit of effort. In the song, the room itself becomes personified and sees the singer in different phases of his life; warm, social gatherings contrasted with quiet, contemplative retreats.” —Tim Bluhm


New Years Shows at Harlow’s

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We will be welcoming the arrival of 2023 at Harlow’s in Sacramento, California with two performances:
Fri. 12/30 w/ Kareeta
Sat. 12/31 (NYE) w/ Forever Goldrush
Join us!


New Single – “Codine”

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“When we were teenagers Greg and I were on a road trip in the Great Basin with my older brother and some of his friends. They had this cassette tape with a lot of weird music on it and one night at the campfire this song came on and freaked us out. He wouldn’t tell us who it was but it stuck with us. We later discovered that it was the Charlatans covering a Buffy St Marie song. It seemed like it would fit nicely with the songs we were recording in Santa Fe.” —Tim Bluhm


New Record ‘When We Disappear’ Out January 27, 2023 | Listen to Title Track

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The Mother Hips have released the title track from their upcoming album When We Disappear, their compelling new studio album set for release January 27, 2023 on Blue Rose. Based in Northern California, the Hips headed to New Mexico, spending time at Ghost Ranch before settling in at Jono Manson’s Kitchen Sink studio in Sante Fe for the sessions in late 2021. Self-produced, When We Disappear features nine new tracks co-written by co-founders Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono — collection of lit-psych rock songs inspired by psychology and literature — as well as a raw, garagey cover of Buffy St. Marie’s 1964 addiction song “Codine.”

“Greg sent me a rough demo of this song and I thought it was promising,” says Tim of “When We Disappear.” “What he was singing was place-holder gibberish, or sounds mixed with some actual lyrics, including what would become the title. I went through it and matched words to his sounds and then tweaked the words to tell a kind of impressionistic history of our adventures together. In this way I believe both Greg’s and my own subconscious worlds revealed themselves. The music is simple and loose, helping with the devil-may-care attitude of the singing.”


New Greg Loiacono Album ‘Giving It All Away’

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Greg Loiacono has released his 3rd full-length album ‘Giving It All Away’. Paying tribute to 60’s r & b music, we find Greg reaching deep into his soulful side. The record features a stellar group of musicians that includes Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools on bass, drummer Michael Urbano (Sheryl Crow, John Hiatt) and organ player Danny Eisenberg (Counting Crows, Jonathan Richman). The sessions were recorded at Dave Schools’ Northern California studio, Spacecamp, and produced by Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger, William Tyler).

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