Tim and Greg Rework Moby Grape’s 1967 Classic “8:05”

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., APRIL 4, 2024 – On April 9th, The Mother Hips, one of the Bay Area’s most iconic and beloved rock and roll outfits, will release a single of Moby Grape’s classic song, “8:05,” as part of the compilation album The Mouse That Rocked: A Tribute to Stanley Mouse.

The duet features founding members of The Mother Hips, Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono, on 12-string acoustic guitar and nylon string classical guitar.

The Mouse That Rocked will be released by Blue Rose Music on April 12th, and features other contemporary artists performing songs by the bands featured in Mouse’s legendary album covers and collectable ballroom posters dating back to the 1960’s.

“Right around the time we received the suggestion to do our version of ‘8:05,’ from our friend and founder of Blue Rose Music, Joe Poletto, Tim and I had been deeply focused on the playfully elegant sounds that a 12-string acoustic guitar and a nylon string classical guitar made together,” says Loiacono. “Once we felt comfortable with the song, we realized our version didn’t need anything more than those guitars and our voices to do it justice.”

Stanley Mouse, known for his psychedelic poster and album art, is celebrated for drawing the face on rock music with his enchanting San Francisco handbills and posters, as well a string of famous album covers for Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Beatles, Howlin’ Wolf, Journey, Cream, and of course, Moby Grape.

“Greg and I both covered our walls with posters and albums designed by Stanley Mouse in our bedrooms back home and in our dorm rooms at Chico State University,” says Bluhm. “We’ve been huge fans of his art and the music he helped visualize for years. Contributing to this unique project has been an honor and pleasure.”

Beyond celebrating Mouse’s artistic contributions, The Mouse That Rocked also serves a charitable purpose. “100% of the proceeds from sales will benefit the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides preschool scholarships to underprivileged children,” says Joe Poletto, Founder of Blue Rose Music. “Now, fans of Mouse and The Mother Hips can support an important cause and enjoy magnificently arranged versions of legendary songs, including Tim and Greg’s mesmerizing take on ‘8:05.’”

About The Mouse That Rocked
The Mouse That Rocked features 12 new tracks from a diverse array of artists, including The Mother Hips, Chuck Leavell, Leftover Salmon, Charlie Musselwhite, Nicole Atkins, Shawn Sahm & The Tex Mex Experience, Junior Brown, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Jason Crosby, and the Pimps of Joytime. The Mouse That Rocked: A Tribute to Stanley Mouse is more than just an album; it’s a testament to the enduring power of art, music, and philanthropy to make a positive impact on the world.