For the fifth time, The Mother Hips are asking for your help in crafting an ultimate setlist for them to play on December 15th at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Here’s the deal:

Submit a setlist of your favorite Mother Hips songs by December 1st. Send your setlist HERE.

Pick songs that the band has written or played throughout their career including Tim and Greg solo projects. Limit your setlist to 26 songs and separate them into two sets with the second set being slightly longer. The last two songs will be used as an encore. The guys are excited to see your submissions.

Try to be as creative as possible in crafting your list. They love reading all of them and your list may influence the band’s setlist-making in the future.

The Ultimate Setlist Show will be played Friday, December 15th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The winner will not be announced until the beginning of the second set on December 15th. Again, the deadline is December 1st.

Good luck!