Greg Loiacono has just released a new single entitled “Last Day Of June” from a forthcoming instrumental album! It was mixed by Scott Hirsch at EchoMagic and mastered by Anthony Puglisi.

When I was sixteen I found a record in my father’s collection that had a trippy cover on it with two dragons and the kind of archaic imagery I was into at the time (and still am today). It had three names on it- John Fahey, Leo Kottke, and Peter Lang.

When I listened to the masterful guitar playing and read the comical bios of these unique individuals I instantly became enamored with the whole sound and vibe. This changed my perception of what guitar playing could be. A year later I was at a ren faire and a hippie sitting under a tree was playing “That’s The Way” by Led Zeppelin. I noticed that he wasn’t playing the usual fingerings I was familiar with. He showed me open G tuning. Once I learned about that I realized that many of the remarkable sounds and chords I was hearing on the aforementioned compilation album involved open tunings. It was a cool revelation to see my teenage, rock world and this American Primitive Guitar music that I had recently discovered, collide and inform me. (From Live For Live Music)

“Last Day of June” certainly wouldn’t have come about if it wasn’t for my Dad and that Takoma Records compilation. This single will be part of an album of instrumental music I will be releasing in 2022. – Greg Loiacono (From Live For Live Music)

Live for Live Music has premiered the video. Stream the new track and watch the video for “Last Day Of June”

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