Greg Loiacono has another single to tickle our eardrums on May 14th!

“What Can I Say?” is the third of four singles I recorded last summer and have been releasing over the past few months. This song follows in line with the last one, “Bound to Fall” by nodding to a retro soul vibe with fine accompaniment from Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco), Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave), Charles James Gonzalez and Emilie Raines. The singer is pretty much down on his knees…singing for his life in a way. A lot of us have been in a situation where we have asked for forgiveness even when we knew we probably wouldn’t get it. -Greg Loiacono

The song was recorded at Coyote Hearing in Oakland, CA by Charles James Gonzalez and mixed at Echo Magic in Ojai, CA by Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger).